Our Story

How the Brand Was Born:

Christos and Ashley both conceived the brand "For Health For Ethics." Originally, what is now the brand name was a tattoo idea. "For Health For Ethics" originated as a tattoo idea the couple thought of while hiking one afternoon in New England during the summer of 2022. Ashley was brainstorming with Christos about a couples tattoo idea but also wanted the tattoos to incorporate veganism since that was crucial to them.

Incorporating veganism into the tattoos was significant to each of them because it had so much to do with how the two started their relationship. Ashley wanted to get a tattoo that symbolized why she's vegan (mostly for the animals) and thought it would be a unique idea if Christos had something that symbolized his reasoning for going vegan (initially for health). Christos decided that he would get a small tattoo that said "For Health" with a small design of a cancer symbol and a heartbeat symbol. Ashley decided she would get "For Ethics" with a small paw print design and a human fist design that stands for the support of animal rights.

About a year later, Christos started to realize he was no longer vegan just for health reasons. He came to this realization more and more over time by watching documentaries, following animal rights groups, and visiting sanctuaries. He began to understand just how horrifically animals are treated within the food industry, the cosmetic industry, and how they are regarded as a commodity and not a living being. Christos thought about how passionate Ashley was towards animals and animal rights, and he now started to feel the same way.

Christos realized Ashley's tattoo idea could be so much more. He really wanted to make a difference for animals and help Ashley's dream of making a voice for the animals more of a reality. Christos came up with an idea and proposed it to Ashley. He talked to her about starting a vegan clothing line and using her tattoo idea as the name for the company. Ashley was blown away and beyond excited to start this project with him, and that is how the brand name came alive.